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Nick 'Monkey Boy' Stidham in Salt Lake City - Ultimate Combat Training Center

Nick 'Monkey Boy' Stidham

Nickolas Stidham spent most of his childhood ringside/cageside at fights, as his parents promoted Fights every weekend. He sat front row at the gym watching the 'grown-ups' train for those fights every day. I guess you could say it was in his blood.

Nick is also a very talented artist. As he grew older, he began to see the 'Art' in the martial arts he had been exposed to in his early years.

Nick was an accomplished wrestler in high school, and enjoys coaching high school wrestling to this day. 

After graduating high school, nick became an accomplished amateur boxer before turning his sights on Muay Thai. When he started doing Muay Thai, he jumped in with both feet, traveling to Thailand to train with some of the top trainers, and at the best gyms in Thailand. 

Known as 'Monkey Boy' to his friends, Nick combined his Super awesome personality with his unique brand of Muay Thai (Developed by combining the strengths of many different styles of Muay Thai in Thailand), and developed MONKEY MUAY THAI. 

You will not find a more passionate, caring, and knowledgable Muay Thai Trainer anywhere.

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