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Julian Ruiz in Salt Lake City - Ultimate Combat Training Center

Julian Ruiz

hi I'm Julian, I am a fitness kickboxing and kids ju jitsu instructor at the UCTC.

I began my journey in the martial arts world as a 6th grader, joining the wrestling team and competing gymnasiums. shortly after I discovered boxing an picked up on the sport quickly despite having a background in a grappling art. After graduating high school I stopped competing for a short period of time, I got out of shape and felt as if something was missing. I realized I fell in love with fitness and martial arts. being out of shape affected me not only physically but mentally. so I took the knowledge from the years of completion an got  my self back in shape an realized the benefits martial arts has to offer. I decided I wanted to share my knowledge and help people get these same benefits.  Now my life revolves around helping every person who joins The UCTC team, become the best version of there selves possible.

I love meeting new people and am very easy to talk to.

I'm a active athlete as I compete in MMA and boxing. Currently I am the Utah amateur Featherweight state title in MMA.

I also offer one on one personal training sessions, that can be anywhere from boxing, muay thai, wrestling, ju jitsu, MMA or straight fitness an weight loss.

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