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Earn Points And Enjoy Rewards When You Stay Active At Ultimate Combat Training Center

At Ultimate Combat Training Center, we're proud to pay it forward with exciting rewards for everything from referrals and birthdays to workshop attendance and more!

Take advantage of our BRAND NEW Rewards System today!

Here's How It Works:



Refer a Friend: +400

Birthday: +50

Join Rewards Program: +50

Workshop Attended: +15

Private Session Attended: +10

Class Attended: +5

$1 Spent on Retail: +3

Online Booking: +3


50% off Business Skills Training: -25

Free Month of Personalized Daily Supplements: -50

FREE Drink: -100

$5.00 off Retail Purchase: -200

T-Shirt: -450

$25.00 off Retail Purchase: -650

UCTC Tote Bag w/Water Bottle, Hat, shirt: -750

50% off Private Training Session: -800

1 FREE Month of Unlimited Classes: -2000


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