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Lance Gorman in Salt Lake City - Ultimate Combat Training Center

Lance Gorman

Lance Gorman is an accomplished martial artist and a passionate instructor. He started his journey in the traditional art of Taekwondo, quickly picking up the agile and aerodynamic kicks of the Korean martial art. Competing at the highest levels for years and completing many goals as a young fighter, he knew something was missing.

His martial arts journey continued into what is now known now as MMA, accumulating many fights under his belt at a young age.  He continued his training under one of the top Muay Thai trainers in the world and began competing in the beautiful "Art of 8 Limbs".  

It wasn't until Lance started teaching that his love for the martial arts really began to grow. As he soon came to realize, when teaching others is when we truly grow. He has a philosophy of "each one teach one", always willing to learn and remain a student of the game.

Possessing a technical proficiency in the striking arts, his ability to communicate and teach proper techniques is his greatest asset.

His journey is ever continuing, as he now looks to pass knowledge unto the next generations of martial artists. 

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