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Shaye Taeoalii in Salt Lake City - Ultimate Combat Training Center

Shaye Taeoalii

After spending countless hours of my childhood and teenage life watching re-runs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and re-watching Charlie's Angels over and over again, it led me to the Ultimate Combat Training Center to become my own personal femme fatale. I started my martial arts journey in 2014 with Fitness Kickboxing and became addicted immediately after my first class. This then kickstarted my interest in Muay Thai and most importantly, my passion in Boxing. Soon after, in 2015, I started teaching Fitness Kickboxing and found something that I am even more passionate about--helping others reach their goals in a positive and supportive environment. I love teaching class and being part of such an AMAZING gym, filled with fantastic staff and members.


Outside of training and work, I love music, movies, and traveling.

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