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Benefits of Rash Guards

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Benefits of Compression Gear  in Combat Training



In the early years of MIxed Martial Arts, there was no specific type of clothing that represents MMA. Participants were allowed to wear any type of gear to represent their combat sport i.e Royce Gracie, a legend in MMA whose combat sports background is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wore a traditional Gi in all of his fights in the UFC.


The rise of combat sports, such as jiu jitsu and MMA, has paved the way for a more unified attire nowadays. If you’re a beginner, one of the first things that comes to mind is the type of clothing you should wear on your first day of training. Whether you’re training for a gi or no gi class, the most common gear to use in Combat Training is a Compression Shirt or, simply, a BJJ Rash Guard.






What is a BJJ Rash Guard?


A typical Rash Guard is used in water sports activities, such as wakeboarding and surfing, to prevent any type of sunburn or scratches during the action. BJJ rashguards serve a similar purpose to the typical rash guard- protect the skin of the wearer.


The material used in a BJJ Rash Guard can be Lycra, Spandex, or any type of cloth that is durable so that it can withstand harsh training conditions. There are two types of BJJ Rash Guard cuts, one is long sleeve and the other is short sleeve. This is up to your personal preference.


Benefits of wearing a BJJ Rash Guard


  1. BJJ Rash Guards serve as a layer of protection for your skin

- BJJ and MMA are full contact sports, and because of their abrasive nature, one must have an extra layer of protection against cuts and scratches.

-It also protects your skin from bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases and infections caused by skin to skin contact


  1. Fabrics used are seamless and conforms to any kind of movement without restrictions

- Grappling is a big part of the game, and having the freedom to move with ease is an       efficient way to assure a good training day.

- Training No gi is different because of the grips. Without a gi, precision in every movement can be practiced.



  1. BJJ Rash Guards are absorbent

- Because of the latest technology, Suppliers, now, have the ability to produce materials that are sweat wicking which eliminates the chance of slipping and sliding on the mats


  1. Some studies show that compression gears increase blood circulation

- This can help in terms of kickstarting the healing process if you have any existing injuries in your trunks or limbs.


  1. BJJ Rash Guards are stylish!

- No one can deny that it is awesome to train in a rash guard. It’s a sure fire way of showing off those muscles that you worked so hard for. The variety of designs and brands in the market are endless, and though it may seem like an investment, having a good BJJ Rash Guard for your training is a must!


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