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Update on my Keto Diet

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I was asked by a few people to write a follow-up on my experience with the Ketogenic diet.

I would like to begin with the fact that it is a VERY difficult diet to stick to.

EVERYTHING around you has sugar in it, and EVERYONE around you is used to consuming it.

Secondly, I don’t know if this is something I taught myself to do, or if I really don’t like it, but fattening food sickens me. I have been taught all of my life to cut the fat off of meat, and to steer clear of fattening food. I don’t like bacon (I know for may of you these words are blasphemy). Aside from ice cream, I don’t ingest a whole lot of fattening foods.

I think I am struggling more with the idea of eating fat, than I was with eliminating sugar.

I dropped 16 lbs with this diet, and have pretty much plateaued there. I gain some back, and lose it again.

I have read conflicting arguments about alcohol’s effect on the diet. Some say it stops ketosis, while others say it actually helps ketosis. From an article I read online:  “Ingestion of alcohol has effects on liver metabolism, in which more ketones are produced as you drink more. When your liver is taking care of the alcohol you drink, it’s being converted to a triglyceride which can also positively affect the production of ketones.”

One thing is for sure…you feel drunk faster, so that is something to consider.

I can honestly asses that I get better workouts, and feel more healthy when I don’t drink, so I have limited alcohol to one day a week, which seems to work well for me.

My latest discovery is the Fat Bomb. Fat bombs are recipes that contains a large amount of fat, but taste good. I found a few recipes that have worked for me, and even made up some of my own. I use coconut flour, rather than wheat based flour, and the stuff I have come up with are actually pretty good.

I am hoping to get over the hump of 16 lbs down, and get rid of the other 16 I would like to lose. I will post an update in another month or so.  

The Author, Mike Stidham, is the Owner of Ultimate Combat Training Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. UCTC specializes in Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Yoga, and Fitness Kickboxing.

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