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Training Muay Thai in Thailand 2018 (Part 2)

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Training Muay Thai in Thailand 2018 (Part 2)

Aw Shit...That moment when you realize your sparring partner for today is going to be your trainer.

Muay Thai is a lot like golf for me. You hit a thousand shitty balls, but connect with that one ball that sails straight down the fairway, and suddenly you think you are a good golfer. 
Yesterday was about as shitty as it gets for me, but today was a bounce-back day!

After training yesterday, I sat in a hot shower for about half an hour because I had the chills and was violently ill. Today, I sat in a cold shower because I was drenched in sweat, and could barely move from fatigue…but it felt so GOOD!

Last night, I was determined to get some rest and do my very best today. I literally sat around for nearly 24 hours, and tried to get my mind set for today. I didn’t turn on my computer. I didn’t turn on a TV. I just sat there. 

Yesterday, the talent level in the room left me with zero doubt that I would have gotten owned in sparring by anyone in the room. What was disconcerting for me was that I got owned by myself, and that wasn’t going to happen today. I was genuinely sick yesterday, but I don’t allow myself those excuses. I should have sparred. I just should have. 
Our pad rounds went REALLY well today. I got into a flow, and we really seemed to click. My Trainer, Lek, repeatedly kept saying ‘Aaaaah, Dee Ma’, which means ‘very good’ in Thai under his breath. I was really happy with the 5 solid rounds, as was Lek. He gradually brought the tempo up each round until Round 5, where we were smashing nonstop. I was exhausted afterward, but no puking in the corner, and no quitting. 

It being Saturday, the room wasn’t as stacked with talent as it was yesterday. That was the good news. The bad news was that after 5 grueling rounds on pads with Lek, he strapped in HIS gloves. Sparring was going to be he and I today…YIKES!

Lek is one of those Thais that is ALWAYS smiling. He has a very kind demeanor, but you get the sense that he is always smiling at you because he knows he could kick your ass if he wanted to. He did just that. I should say that he could have. We had a very controlled spar, and I held my own striking with him. But, he f’ing owned me in the clinch. He is much lighter than I, but strong as an ox. Every time I landed a good scoring shot on him, he tied me up, and I had no answer for it. To top it off, he knew that clinch would suck the life out of me, and it did. It really drains you, when you are clinching with somebody that is much better at it than you. 

We had 3 good rounds of sparring, and I could not be more happy with the session as a whole. 

After we got done sparring, he asked me how old I was. When I told him, he called me a liar, (He said, ‘I don’t believe!!’) and he had all the other trainers to come over and told them. They all thought I was in my 30’s. (I intentionally died my hair when I got here, so they wouldn’t know how old I am- I don’t like when they treat you like an old guy at the gym.) I got a lot of compliments from the trainers, and a little bit of razzing for all my puking yesterday. They are all a very close-knit, super cool bunch of guys. 
It’s Sunday tomorrow, so no training. I was debating on going out, or just resting, when I just realized, I hadn’t eaten anything since I got sick over 24 hours ago. I’m hungry, and am going to go find me some Thai food!

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