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Training Muay Thai in Thailand 2018 (Part 12)

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Training Muay Thai in Thailand 2018 (Part 12)

Today was a bit of a bounce-back day, as I was able to get back on track. I really struggled yesterday mentally, but came back sharp today. It took me a bit though. This morning, it seemed like I just couldn’t get out of second gear. My mind was in it. My body just wasn’t wanting to push. Eventually I got going though, and had a pretty good day of training. There were a lot of new people in class today, which made things interesting. 

I call the boxing ring the Shark Tank. Every class, they select either the 4 or 6 best guys in the class (Depending on how big the class is), and send them up into the ring. We rotate with one another each round. Sometimes, they will watch the sparring, and realize they made a mistake by sending somebody that isn’t very good up there, and they will switch them out with somebody that is dominating down on the mat. Today was one of those days…in the morning class. There were some ‘tough looking’ guys in class today, that really weren’t all that tough. They kept rotating new people up into the ring that weren’t all that great either. 

Afternoon session was a different story altogether. There were 3 guys that made the giant from the other day look like a midget. They were HUGE!!! The trainers put all the giants together, and set up a separate shark tank in the intermediate area, since they never use the ring. I was relieved when I saw the giant from the other day walk into class late. That made an even four giants. Otherwise, it would have been ME up there.

I first went with a Swedish kid that one of the trainers has been working with, so the trainer was coaching him the whole time. I don’t think he realized that I have ears, however, and was able to block and counter everything he was telling him to do. After a while, he got smart, and would only tell him things with gestures when I was turned away from him. I’m not an idiot though. I intentionally held my hands up high, knowing he would tell him to body kick me. I summarily caught his kick and dumped him on his head. So much for his coaching. 

Next round, I went with a Chinese guy that is built like a brick shithouse. He reminded me of the Chinese villain, Bolo, in the old Bruce Lee movies. (See the picture above)
I learned right away that he didn’t like getting punched in the face, or kicked in his muscles…so I did both…a lot. He was big and strong, but really awkward. He is very aggressive however. I think he is used to steamrolling over guys. After a few minutes of sparring, he charged at me, and I caught him with the perfect sidekick to the liver. My heel caught him right on the button. He went down, and never got back up. For the un-indoctrinated, a direct shot to the liver will release every bad thing you have put into your body for the past several weeks into your bloodstream at once. Your liver is a filter for your body. It’s like injecting poison into your bloodstream, and it absolutely SUCKS! It wasn’t a hard shot…it just landed perfectly. He was done for the day.

My final round, I went with my favorite Russian. He is starting to grow on me. I side-kicked him at least a dozen times before he said, ‘Why you always get me?’ I showed him what I was doing, then he asked me to stand there and let him sidekick me a few times…I did. Lol

Since we were not really sparring, and just sort of letting him throw sidekicks at me, I threw a lazy roundhouse, and he checked it at just the right time. I cracked my ankle on his knee, and have been hobbling on it ever since. I didn’t let him know that he had hurt me, but I can barely put weight on it back in my room. It’s just bruised. Nothing major, but I am sitting in my room with my foot up in the air and ice on my ankle. 

I think I am going to head over to Hahn’s new shop tonight to see how things are going for her. I think she has gotten it completely open now, so I want to go check it out, and give my Bubble a hug. I eat Tom Yum Goong everywhere I go in Thailand, and she made me a bowl the other day that rivaled anywhere else I have been. 

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