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Training Muay Thai in Thailand 2018 (Part 13)

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Training Muay Thai in Thailand 2018 (Part 13)

No training today. My right foot is swollen to the point that I cannot run on it. I think I could do everything in class, with the exception of the 20 minute run to start class (If I only kicked pads with one foot). The trainers are anal about the fact that you MUST run in order to be in class…unless you are a girl of course. Girls get away with murder with the trainers. There were two of them just sitting around this morning while all the other students were out on the run. (I went and watched class this morning…that is what a Muay Thai Junkie I am lol). In the past, I went to the head trainer and told him my knee was hurt, and asked if I could skip the run. His response; ‘If you are sick, go home.’
The most frustrating thing for me is the fact that I got hurt sparring with perhaps the least skilled person I sparred all day. It came at a moment when I was just screwing around, and that is always when I get hurt. 

I went to the pharmacy and got a topical ant-inflammatory ointment, and some ant-inflam tablets. As much as it is killing me, I am going to stay completely off it today, and let it heal. I want to be back at it tomorrow!

I did, however, have one item of business I needed to take care of today. Hahn’s official grand opening for her new restaurant was this morning. She REALLY wanted me to be her first customer, so I was there right at 9:30 am. She made me some pretty good Pad Thai, and things seemed to have gone very well for her. The word had gotten out that she was back in business, and a TON of trainers from both Dragon Muay Thai, and Tiger Muay Thai showed up to support here. They were all fixtures at her old restaurant, as she cooks authentic ‘Esan Food’. Esan is a very poor part of Northern Thailand, where many of the Trainers come from. It’s like getting a home-cooked meal for them. 

Despite the fact that Hahn has moved indoors, into a modern building…a HUGE step up from her bamboo hut, she has not raised her prices for her food, and refuses to do so. She wants to have a place where Thai people can come eat an affordable meal. If Farangs come as well, that is great. But if not, that is ok too. She says she only wants a little bit of profit to feed her family. Her BBQ chicken is a favorite for Chinese and Farang, as well as her Esan food for Thais.

Hahn was very upset when I got there this morning. She is used to an open BBQ pit out front of her shop, where she can cook chicken and fish on a BBQ. She cannot do this here. She tried to set up a BBQ pit out front, but the other tenants complained about the smoke. 
Also Esan Food is very spicy. Cooking it indoors makes everyone in the room sneeze. She has to open the doors and turn on a fan. 
I’m not sure how this place is going to work out for her. It is conveniently located almost directly across from Tiger, so the location is good, but she cannot do what SHE does here. 
My meal was less than 100 baht (Under $3.00 US), but I gave her 500 baht, and told her to hang it on her wall for good luck. 

Since I am injured, I tried to get a tattoo from my favorite tattoo artist, Nor, at Ang Mo Lau. Unfortunately, he is all booked up. This big group of Chinese have all the tattoo shops and massage parlors booked to the gills…Damn Chinese…foiled again!!
Hopefully, I will be back training tomorrow!

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