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Training Muay Thai in Thailand 2018 (Part 17)

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Training Muay Thai in Thailand 2018 (Part 17)

I often chuckle to myself when I hobble back to my room, in pain from the day’s training, hurting in places I didn’t know I had. I whisper to myself…’What I did on my vacation.’ Some enjoy laying on the beach, while others love to go sightseeing for vacation. I enjoy getting punched in the face. I am literally in a tropical paradise, and I spend most of my time in my room recuperating and preparing for my next training session. I could not possibly be happier than I am right now, however. There is something about Muay Thai that makes me whole. I often wonder what this experience would have been like when I was younger, and less prone to injury. To be honest, I don’t think I would have appreciated it as much. I find every injury to be a new challenge…and there have been plenty. 

Today I suffered a bizarre injury that I have never experienced before. I got kicked right on my hip, and now my knee keeps buckling on me. I am unfamiliar with this injury, and assume there must be a nerve located in my hip that causes my knee to buckle. It doesn’t hurt at all, my leg just gives in, and I can’t stand up. I’m icing it in my room, but I am not even sure that is what it needs. There is no apparent swelling, and no pain…IDK WTF!!!

Because of the injury, I left class right after sparring, so I got back to my hotel before I was expected and the cleaning lady was in my room cleaning. I sat down in the hallway for about ten minutes waiting for her. When I got up, there was a puddle of sweat that extended far beyond the room next to me. It looked like somebody had poured a liter of water on the floor. This was just the sweat that had found its way onto the floor after I had gotten back to my room. I literally look like a faucet has been left on in class. I sweat buckets at a time. I don’t know how I don’t turn into a raisin and wither away. I don’t think this is normal. There is always a puddle underneath me in training, and others only have a few drops underneath them. 
Today was an interesting day in class. I got paired up with a black dude from Switzerland who thought he was one of the trainers for drilling today. He kept telling me where my eyes should be when I was drilling with him. OK, I get it….you think you are a teacher. The funniest part was, he sucked at all the drills. Perhaps he should have worried more about his technique than where my eyes were. I was hoping we would get paired up for sparring so I could tell him where his eyes should have been. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. 
My first sparring partner was one of the ‘Stans’. He is just a dick. He came out bombing on me. For some reason, he was a little more relentless today. We ended up mixing it up to the point that he tried to shoot in on me and take me down. I stuffed his takedown, and we ended up on the ground, where I landed three pretty solid shots that bounced his head off the canvas. When we stood up, I was on fire…I tore into him again, until he put his hands up and said he was sorry. None of the trainers said a word about what had just happened. I think they knew he had it coming. 

My next opponent was a tall, super hairy-chested dude from Sweden. I make jokes in my head sometimes when I am sparring. Today, I told myself it was time to wash my feet. I teep’d his hairy chest repeatedly until I felt the bottoms of my feet were clean. Sometimes I have to entertain myself. 

My third opponent was a very small kid from the Middle East. He was not very good, and when do I always get hurt???? When I go easy on guys that are NOT VERY GOOD. He body kicked me, and I caught his kick, and swept him. When he landed on the ground, I relaxed, and his leg that he kicked me with swung in a very strange way, with the heel of his foot connecting with my hip. My leg immediately buckled. I have no idea how this happened, and why my leg continues to buckle. It is the freakiest injury I have ever had, and I have no idea what to do for it. 

Tomorrow is the BBQ Beatdown, so no training tomorrow or Sunday. I was planning on attending a training session that they have out on the beach every time there is a BBQBD, but I think I need to take it easy for a few days. Hopefully this time off will give me a chance to heal up a bit, and I might go spend some time on one of those beaches they have here in this tropical paradise. 

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